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Tracy Truong's Fine Art

Sacramento, CA


Tracy Truong (AKA DT) was born in the winter of 1964 in Hue of Vietnam. 1964 is a dragon year, but it is also known as a year of candles (phúc đăng hỏa). DT’s life is as simple as a candle, which brings a little warmness and a little light in a winter night to the people whom fate brings to her. She is an active woman who loves natural life. She believes the inner beauty is much more important than the outer beauty (cái nết đánh chết cái đẹp). Most of her paintings express the inner beauty and relate to a song or a poem.

She started to draw and paint when she was about 12 years old, but was objected by her father who was a teacher but also an artist (!). She could not get into an art school as her desire. After finishing high school and University in Hue, Vietnam, she became a mathematics high school teacher for three years. She continued her post graduations in Tasmanian and Curtin Universities, Australia; she worked at primary schools in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as a school support officer for 6 years and then has moved to Sacramento, North America as a business woman for about 15 years.

DT has started to paint again as a destiny. She paints to express something about her life journey, about love, happiness, sadness, or just feeling about a song or a poem or just to release her stress. She comes to to share her life with those who have similar heart beats with her.

The artist would not like to sell her original paintings to anyone unless she can find a better home for them. Each of her painting has its legend behind it, and it will be only disclosed to their new adopted parents!


Don't know what to say

Life's journey

Paint with feet

Reincartism 1

Reincartism 2

Reincartism 3

Reincartism 4

Blind folding

Reincartism 5