Reincartism 3 - Wall Art

The Shadow of the Soul, by artist Tracy Truong (AKA DT) consists of a triumvirate of paintings: An Ocean Corner, Typhoon Eye, and Grave of the Beauty. Within these three paintings, which reflect DT's interest in the Reincartism style, the artist explores her perception of an individual life journey. Such a life journey, she postulates, is governed not only by the choices an individual makes, but by the choices made for an individual outside the locus of their control. Life, DT speculates, is about evolving choice. From birth, we constantly gain more control of our lives. We mature, we grow up, we learn to make choices. Often, these choices are incorrect. But nevertheless, these choices define us; they make us who we are. And ultimately, it is by these choices that others remember us in the end.

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